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The Carpal Tunnel Institute was founded in 2011 for the sole purpose of helping carpal tunnel sufferers better understand their conditions and treatment options, for those who desire to try a natural, at-home treatment before moving on to treatment options with potentially greater side effects. Our desire is to offer the specific stretch and exercise regimen that we’ve used to help tens of thousands of our fellow carpal tunnel sufferers.
What We Do: We at the Carpal Tunnel Institute have engineered a stretch, exercise, and self-massage routine that we’ve found works for a majority of individuals to naturally and painlessly reverse the effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
    Our Core Values:
    • Core value #1: We are in business to help people who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome fix their wrists.
    • Core value #2: We believe good health is not optional. We only get one body – one chance – so we are committed to taking care of our bodies and maintaining good health and balance for life.
    • Core value #3: We believe our Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Solution routine is the best treatment option available for most people to treat and alleviate carpal tunnel, and we’ve dedicated our time and energy to spreading the word about this simple solution.
    Please contact us to order our relief program or with any questions!
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