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Welcome to the Carpal Tunnel Institute!
Is it possible to eliminate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome naturally?
While some people require surgery, we have found that a majority of people are able to reverse Carpal Tunnel with natural techniques designed to restore inherent healing and flexibility.
Carpal Tunnel is unnatural, and contrary to the human body’s inherent design and flexibility. Unfortunately, we live in a world that sometimes takes advantages of vulnerable bodily mechanics. Our wrists and fingers are under assault.

Thankfully, the body is miraculously adaptive and quite capable of meeting these demands and recovering from even the most seemingly hopeless cases of overuse and under-maintenance. That is precisely what Carpal Tunnel is…overuse, and under-maintenance.

This philanthropic institute was created after our own struggle with Carpal Tunnel. Once we saw that healing Carpal Tunnel was simply a matter of better enabling our human technology to do what it does best, it became ethically necessary that we create a platform that would protect people from the financially and physically exhausting conventional treatments. We provide and subsidize natural Carpal Tunnel elimination programs that swiftly and permanently reverse Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in over 80% of cases, with tens of thousands of successes so far.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, in human terms…

From our perspective, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is one of the most misunderstood diseases that regularly inhibit the productivity and quality of life of tens of millions of people every year.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome isn’t an affliction – it’s merely the natural consequence of using our wrists for tasks that run counter to our bodies evolutionary design. (It only feels like an affliction when we neglect it for so long.)

Our mission is simple:

1. Educate those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome on how best to undo the repetitive stress in their wrists which has led to their Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

2. Help anyone suffering with repetitive stress to avoid common pitfalls.

3. Help everyone choose the wisest solution possible for their specific case of CTS.
What is the Carpal Tunnel Institute?

This institute was designed to be entirely independent from any form of external influence, with the goal of helping as many people as possible discover the truth about Carpal Tunnel. It is a self-sustaining and sovereign organization, which thankfully allows us to provide a raw, unadulterated, and complete primary solution for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms.
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