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Welcome to the Carpal Tunnel Institute!
Is it possible to eliminate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome naturally?
While some people require surgery, we have found that a majority of people are able to reverse Carpal Tunnel with natural techniques designed to restore inherent healing and flexibility.
Carpal Tunnel is unnatural, and contrary to the human body’s inherent design and flexibility. Unfortunately, we live in a world that sometimes takes advantages of vulnerable bodily mechanics. Our wrists and fingers are under assault.

Thankfully, the body is miraculously adaptive and quite capable of meeting these demands and recovering from even the most seemingly hopeless cases of overuse and under-maintenance. That is precisely what Carpal Tunnel is…overuse, and under-maintenance.

This philanthropic institute was created after our own struggle with Carpal Tunnel. Once we saw that healing Carpal Tunnel was simply a matter of better enabling our human technology to do what it does best, it became ethically necessary that we create a platform that would protect people from the financially and physically exhausting conventional treatments. We provide and subsidize natural Carpal Tunnel elimination programs that swiftly and permanently reverse Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in over 80% of cases, with tens of thousands of successes so far.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, in human terms…

From our perspective, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is one of the most misunderstood diseases that regularly inhibit the productivity and quality of life of tens of millions of people every year.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome isn’t an affliction – it’s merely the natural consequence of using our wrists for tasks that run counter to our bodies evolutionary design. (It only feels like an affliction when we neglect it for so long.)

Our mission is simple:

1. Educate those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome on how best to undo the repetitive stress in their wrists which has led to their Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

2. Help anyone suffering with repetitive stress to avoid common pitfalls.

3. Help everyone choose the wisest solution possible for their specific case of CTS.
What is the Carpal Tunnel Institute?

This institute was designed to be entirely independent from any form of external influence, with the goal of helping as many people as possible discover the truth about Carpal Tunnel. It is a self-sustaining and sovereign organization, which thankfully allows us to provide a raw, unadulterated, and complete primary solution for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms.
Hi, my name is Patrick Kilchermann, and nearly losing my quality of life to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome caused me to co-found the Carpal Tunnel Institute, whose sole goal is to alleviate the embarrassment, helplessness, and frustration that I and many other Carpal Tunnel sufferers have experienced.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is an epidemic – but the solution is surprisingly simple, painless, relaxing, and for you – the odds are very high that it doesn’t look like this:
These insanely expensive, painful, and possibly dangerous efforts to curb the massive influx of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome cases only achieve success in around half of cases, but success itself is hard to even define when dealing with such invasive attempts.
Before we get into what actual success is for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment, let’s back up and look at Carpal Tunnel Syndrome itself:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs due to repetitive stress, fluid retention, inflammation, and improper recovery of the wrist and hands. Over time, compression of the carpal bones and connective tissue around the Carpal Tunnel causes pain in the wrist, hand, and individual fingers by putting pressure on the Median Nerve that passes through the Carpal Tunnel.

Now, if that sounds hard to put your finger on, you’re not alone. The truth is, “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” is a catchall term for almost any form of hand or wrist pain caused by that compression on your nerve. That means terrifying medical intervention treatments are on the table for almost anyone who seeks medical attention for the pain.
I almost learned that the hard way.
My wrists and hands were devastated from a very demanding job that put me behind a computer for up to 12 hours at a time for months on end, and I let them get to the point where I literally couldn’t sleep from the discomfort.
One night, I was laying there awake next to my wife in the middle of the night and it finally hit me just how bad I had let my wrists get. It seemed possible for the first time that I might never have full painless use of my hands and wrists again. I had to do something.
I was starting to drop the ball on my work, I couldn’t let my family down when they desperately needed me to maintain my income.

I knew from research that going to the doctor and getting their help would be a very serious decision – so I started thinking about alternatives. Some years before, my wife had a serious fall while training a horse named Charlie – who I now look back on as “the horse that cured my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.”

My wife ended up with crippling back pain from that fall, and it wasn’t going away no matter what we tried.

In a desperate attempt at progress, we started calling around and found a yoga therapist that claimed she could help. In fact, she said: “if my routine doesn’t fix your pain, I won’t charge you a dime.”

Well, she charged us a lot, and she got to keep every cent.

It took me getting to the point of desperation to realize that this yoga therapist could help with my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You can probably guess what happened next and how the Carpal Tunnel Institute came into existence!

What she coached me through over those few short weeks changed my life forever. Today, I have full use of both hands, no pain of any kind, and strength and flexibility that seemed like a pipe dream to me back in my wrist brace days.

Since then, we at the Carpal Tunnel Institute have helped tens of thousands of people of all ages and levels of severity treat their Carpal Tunnel Syndrome successfully. I told you I would give you a realistic idea of truly successful treatment, so here it is:
In over 85% of cases, we are able to reverse and eliminate all traces of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome pain – permanently!
So, who are those other 15% of people? Well they’re people that we wish we would have heard from far sooner.
The unfortunate truth is, there is a point of no return for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. When the Median nerve gets so damaged that you begin to lose feeling altogether, you know your time is limited. It is far better to avoid that stage altogether, even though we often have success with even those severe cases.

These testimonials taught us something very important: it just doesn’t make sense to try the invasive things first. The body isn’t designed to have painful and poorly functioning wrists and hands, and it can heal itself from a lot of things if you give it the opportunity.
Sadly, the medical industry doesn’t benefit from that type of thinking. Giving your body what it needs to heal itself is fast, painless, and low-risk. Those things don’t support the appetites of pharmaceutical companies or the greedy surgeons that perform the hundreds of thousands of unnecessary Carpal Tunnel Release surgeries every year. Even cortisone shots and pain pills are dangerous – they mask important symptoms and make it terrifyingly easy to cause even more damage to your nerves. It’s lazy, and it’s reckless.
You can’t be blamed for what the industry and culture has done to Carpal Tunnel sufferers, but you can take ownership of your one set of wrists and not participate in the destructive loop that swallows many CTS victims.

So, now you know what Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is, what causes it, and why so many people struggle to find relief. We discussed how we found our powerful solution, so the secret is out.

That leaves you with two choices.

    #1. You can roll the dice and look for a veteran yoga therapist like the one we found, and pay the $875 she charged me for the program she walked me through, and hope she had the same training and experience mine did,


    #2. You can save a pile of money and a ton of energy by taking advantage of the work we did for you.
What is the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Solution?
The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Solution is a DVD program that we created and modeled after the tried and true yoga therapist’s routine with easy to follow warm-ups, stretches, exercises, and massages designed to do one thing: restore your body’s ability to heal and strengthen your wrists and hands.

In order to naturally release the pressure on the Median nerve, we need to increase the circulation to the area while improving flexibility and strength to make your wrists more resilient to the stress put on them – and no other program, treatment, or surgery is as meticulous and powerful as the body itself when equipped with the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Solution.

The best part is, there is no risk associated with this properly-formulated routine, and we have taken steps to decrease the risk to zero which we will cover in a moment.

The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Solution is for you if you have:
  • A genetic condition that makes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome more likely.
  • A job that requires using your wrists constantly.
  • Just a little dull pain in your wrist.
  • Advanced Carpal Tunnel that causes your hands and fingertips to be cold and numb and painful.
  • Almost no time to spend dealing with this issue.
  • Tried anything or everything else and are beginning to wonder if anything can help.
The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Solution is Not:
  • This is not some magic pill that’s just going to mask the pain for a few days.
  • This is not a gimmick that promises something silly.
  • This is not a risky, unproven, or untrustworthy routine.
  • For people that are looking for any of those things – our program works for people who care enough about their wrists to invest in them.
What’s Included?

Inside the case, you’ll find two DVDs.

The First DVD will teach you everything you need to know to make this program work for you – it is short at just under an hour and you’ll come out of it ecstatic and ready to begin what you know will change your life.

The Second DVD is the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome solution routine. It guides you through a schedule of easy to follow, soothing, and powerful warm ups, stretches, exercises, and massages that you follow until you feel relief which is usually after the very first day.
    Most likely, you’ll be pain-free by the end of the 4th day, and yes, these results ARE typical. (Notice the lack of fine print anywhere on this page).
    The fast, 25 minute DVD will guide you, step-by-step, on exactly how to perform each of the 20 easy warm-ups and stretches. We filmed in a high-quality digital format, from multiple angles, with professionally captured audio, so there’s no mystery about how long to hold the stretches, what you will be feeling, and what it’s doing to help you.

    People from 13 years of age all the way up to 93 have had true and lasting success with our program, and it requires nothing but a way to watch and a place to sit, and there’s nothing hard or strenuous about the routine.

    Like things that are actually healthy for your body usually do – we’ve seen some surprising and incredible things happen with our program:
    • Your hands can actually stay warmer from the increased circulation
    • Your strength and flexibility can increase to levels you either don’t remember or didn’t think were possible
    • Your resilience to injury can increase to a very high threshold
    The price of the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Solution is usually $100 plus $5.99 for shipping – and that is a bargain considering the hundreds or thousands of dollars and pain people are spared.

    But, before I told you we had taken steps to decrease your risk to zero. Our goal here is to help as many people as possible, and we’ve decided to slash our program to rock bottom while maintaining our incredible standard of service.

    We don’t send anything out of our warehouse without a 100%, non-conditional, no questions asked money back guarantee.

    If you get our program and it doesn’t help you cure your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, just let us know and we will honor our guarantee. You can even keep the DVD! We sincerely want to get these into people’s hands that can be helped, so you can either keep it or pass it along to someone who will take advantage of it. Only a tiny percentage of people do this, and it is almost always because they waited too long to seek our help – and they are faced with far more serious options.

    We recently refilmed and optimized our program to make it even better, after we noticed some trends in CTS sufferers. You see, our society has a few other problems that are in this same category that need attention, that’s why we added 3 short bonuses to the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Solution:
      BONUS#1: Head and Neck Relief

      We live in a world where our heads and necks are cranked at all manner of unnatural angles. The truth is, most of us don’t even remember what it was like to have full mobility in the neck, and we are here to help remedy this issue for people – once and for all – with our head and neck support guide.

      BONUS#2: Eye-strain relief

      Millions of people suffer from eye-strain induced headaches or discomfort, and we found that it is especially prevalent with people that have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – because these are the people that have been overworked with tedious and strenuous work or lifestyles. Eye-strain rears its ugly head in those environments, and our brief routine can relieve symptoms quickly and build resilience to future discomfort. It is a must in today’s technology-driven world.

      BONUS#3: Developing excellent posture

      We don’t have to explain to you how prevalent this issue is – you see it everywhere. With our short guide to perfect posture, you will develop muscular balance and fluidity in your joints, which will give you a tremendous quality of life improvement, no matter how old or active you are.

      Any one of those bonuses are valuable enough to justify an investment, but we have streamlined this in a way that will make all of that as accessible to as many people as possible.
      Of course, you could choose to ignore the pain or discomfort, and just grit your teeth like I tried to do…

      But if you’ve learned anything from us, I hope it’s to take action and get on top of your wrist pain –
      before it turns into permanent damage.

      Don’t take the path that can only lead to more pain. In the end, it costs far more in money and heartache than fixing this problem while it’s still fixable.
      That’s not what I wanted for myself, and it’s not what I want for you now.
      I’m reminded of why I founded the Carpal Tunnel Institute in the first place:

      It was because all the people who I helped with these techniques, told me that I had a duty to try to put this critical information into as many hands as possible.

      I now want to make you three quick promises so you know how committed we are to helping you and providing the best possible service.

      Our promises to you:
      • We are here for you, and we are available if you need to get in touch with us. Give us a call or send us an email with any questions.
      • We honor our money-back guarantee, no matter what.
      • Our checkout is 100% secure, with 128-bit encryption thanks to our expensive but powerful PayPal Gateway, which anyone can use - regardless of whether they have a PayPal account. 
      How to purchase: Simply click on the button below and follow through with the checkout. Our checkout process is 100% secure.
      I want you to have the same success as everyone else:
      The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Solution
      • Enable natural healing of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and accompanying symptoms
      • Strengthen wrists and hands to make them more resilient to repetitive stress
      • Easy to use follow along format
      • 100% No questions asked refund policy
      “This DVD has saved me a huge medical expense… Thanks Again!”
      -Theresa Haefner, Georgia.

      “Now I’m finishing the second week- WOW, what a change – 95% of the pain and stiffness is gone.”
      -Don P.

      “I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with your solution, and will highly recommend it to anyone with this condition.”
      -Dr. Bob Crosby

      “…This was an answer to my prayers. Thank you for making this DVD!!”
      -Kathy Olsavsky, ID

      “I cannot thank you enough..”
      – Tim G.

      “You have saved my life…”
      – Maggy S.

      “I owe you a sincere thank you…”
      – Dave D.
      Good luck, and I can’t wait to hear how fast our DVD helped YOU, and how grateful your friends and family will be once you’ve shared our DVD with them.
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